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About Us

Tabeya is an international delicatessen that strives to make quality international food you miss either from home or your travels accessible under one roof - Your one shop away from home.

Driven by our passion for food, together we serve and help you, our customers find products not easily available in your local food shop. We offer a great selection of food and non-food products from a number of regions and countries including Irish, South African, Mexican, Australian, Jamaican; British, Asian, Kenyan, Nigerian, Surinam, American, Brazilian, etc to name a few. From your favorite teas, BBQ seasonings, baking ingredients, snacks, drinks, and cleaning products including brand names such as Barry’s, Walkers, Cadburys, Tayto, Yorkshire Tea, Nandos, Calpol, Aveeno, Lemsip, Bisto, Betty Crocker, Tim Tams, Vegemite, Irn Bru, Ribena, Mrs Balls, Walkerswood, etc.

Quality and competitive pricing have been at the heart of our business since we opened. Our priority remains to keep inspiring and delighting our customers with quality and tasty food from around the world with a focus on convenient shopping, whether in-store or online.

NOTE: The purchase & consumption of alcohol is not permitted to persons under the age of 18. By choosing to purchase any alcoholic beverage through this website, you acknowledge that you are above the age of 18.